Procedures for completing the order form

1. Download the Excel file that is accessible from this page.

2. When you open the file, you will be prompted for a password. Enter the password provided to you by your employer (the password will be requested twice, you must enter the same password twice)

3. Enter your employee number at the top of the form.

4. Your name and the number of points assigned to you will be displayed automatically. Please verify that the information is correct.

5. Then you will see the list of products that can be ordered.

6. Also, you can click on the photo to see an enlarged version (an internet connection is required for this).

7. In the product line you wish to order, please enter the desired quantities in the blank boxes.

8. The total of the quantities and the total of points required will be calculated automatically.

9. At the bottom, on the “Total” line, the total number of points of your order will appear in the green box. However, if the number of points in your order exceeds the number of points assigned to you, then you will see the text “Insufficient Points” in a red box.

10. When you have finished completing the order form, you can send your order by e-mail, by pressing the orange “Send by e-mail” button (an internet connection is required for this).

Download your Excel file (company logo)